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Why are charging piles not popular in gas stations?

The vigorous development of new energy vehicles indicates that the era of automotive electrification is approaching, and major automotive enterprises are also innovating their industrial structure. Although the technology of new energy vehicle is booming at this stage, and the mileage has also been improved, the main problem is the lack of popularization of basic charging facilities. In fact, from the current situation, mileage is no longer the main factor affecting people's purchase of new energy vehicles, and the scarcity of charging piles is the main factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles. Speaking of this, you may also wonder why charging piles are not so popular since they are scarce. There are so many gas stations all over the country. Why not install charging piles vigorously?

In fact, under the call of national policy, the leaders of Sinopec and PetroChina have also thought about these problems. After all, new energy vehicles are the trend of development in the future. Anyone should follow the trend of the times. But many of us haven't thought about anything else. Firstly, the gas station is the key area where all fireworks are strictly prohibited. Connecting and calling are strictly prohibited, let alone charging in the gas station. When charging piles are set up at gas stations, most consumers will feel uneasy about their personal safety and how to charge them.

Secondly, the establishment of charging stations takes up a lot of space. If charging piles are widely used in gas stations, it will inevitably lead to congestion in front of doors. People have to queue for charging, and the gas stations will only become more chaotic.

Therefore, under the influence of these factors, it is not practical to popularize charging piles in gas stations, which is the reason why charging piles are still not popular in gas stations.

Source: Sina Comprehensive

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